BASED AT: B. I. Solutions, Kumaripati, Lalitpur

REPORTS TO: Project Manager

JOB PURPOSE: We are looking for a Programmer to help install/deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot our Linux and/or FOSS systems on our rapidly expanding client base. You will be part of a talented team that demonstrates superb technical competency, delivering mission critical infrastructure and ensuring the highest levels of availability, performance and security.


  • Understanding client requirements and how they translate to application features

  • Collaborating with the team managers to set specifications for new applications

  • Desiging creative prototypes according to specifications

  • Writing high quality source code to complete applications within deadlines

  • Performing rigorous unit and integration testing before launch

  • Conducting functional and non-functional testing

  • Troubleshooting and debugging applications

  • Evaluating existing applications to reprogram, update and add new features

  • Developing technical documents and handbooks to accurately represent application design and code


  • In-depth understanding of contemporary OOP concepts

  • Comfortable with C, C++, Python, XML and Node.js

  • Should be open to adapting new programming languages

  • Should be a quick as well as flexible learner

  • Strong team and communication skills

  • Strong problem solving skills and ability to think algorithmically

  • Good grasp of database and object-relational mapping (ORM) is an added plus point


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, B.I.T., B.C.A. or any relevant technical discipline

  • Any prior relevant experience with coding/development is considered a plus point


  • Candidates are expected to be comfortable with office timing that usually ranges from 9:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.