Business Intelligence Solutions

B. I. Solutions is committed to bringing the best business applications at the reach of

small and medium scale businesses across a variety of industry verticals.

Building Better Business

With Modern Applications

Enterprises are getting bigger and more complex day by day.

Great business is built around refined, streamlined processes: Each process generates data and documents; our modules help the business take care of data and information that is generated every other moment.

Great business has interconnected processes: Processes don't not work in isolation; thus, any business is a montage of interconnected processes. Since, all the modules stands on the same base, all data, information and knowledge are interconnected.

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Mobile Ready

Mobile has been an integral part of businesses today. The entirety of business applications that we deploy and customize are responsive and mobile ready, making the platform portable and accessible from anywhere

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Our cloud ready business applications enable your distributed teams to access the entire platform from anywhere.
You business is always with you, wherever you go

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Cross Platform

Being a web based and browser ready solution, the entire set of features are accessible from any platform that you are using at present. Giving you all the flexibility at no cost of huge transformations.